Launched in 2019 by former strategy and M&A professionals from McKinsey & Company and Delta Partners, Edbridg is  an innovative fintech that challenges the banking world!


We promote equal opportunities by helping top talents pay their tuition in exchange of committing a fixed percentage of their future income for a limited duration through Income Share Agreements.

Backed by Olivier Giscard d’Estaing, the founding dean of INSEAD as well as numerous VIP angel investors from around the world (Silicon Valley, London, Dubai), Edbridg is already partnering with the most prestigious universities in Europe to solve the student debt problem.

We are also a YCombinator finalist (S2019) and currently incubated at Station F in Paris

Edbridg aims to open the gates of education to any talented individual around the world, irrespective of their social and economic background…
...By enabling them to attend their dream schools and programs in exchange of committing a fixed percentage of their revenues over a fixed period of time
Our Team
Walid Behar
CEO and Co-Founder
Amine Bounoughaz
COO and Co-Founder
Walid Behar
CEO and Co-Founder

Finance graduate

Toulouse Business School

Former M&A Senior Associate at FTI consulting

Former Analyst at Delta Partners Dubai, Societe Generale London

Focused on M&A, corporate finance and growth strategy

“My dream was to start a career in M&A. When I was admitted at Toulouse Business School, I took a EUR 20k student loan to finance my degree with payments starting right after graduation.

When I graduated, the M&A job market was still recovering from the 2009 financial crisis. It took me a considerable time to find open positions. If it weren’t for my parents who helped me service my loan during my job hunting, I would never have pursued my dream M&A job and would have accepted the first job offer on hand”

Amine Bounoughaz
COO and Co-Founder

Electrical Engineer

Fulbright Scholar at Duke University

Former Associate at McKinsey & Company


Focused on building digital banks, Fintechs and Edtechs , from strategy to execution

“I always wanted to pursue graduate education in the US. Despite being admitted to three top universities in the US (Duke, Dartmouth and Cornell), I had to defer my admission because I did not manage to find financing at all! I tried every possible venue, however no bank wanted to finance me without a co-signor.

If it wasn’t for Fulbright, I would have never pursued a graduate degree at Duke University"

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