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Payback a percentage of your salary for a fixed duration only when you start working.

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Are you struggling to finance your education?

Are you tired of being rejected by banks because you don’t have the right guarantees? Do you believe that education financing should depend on your potential, not your financial history?

We invest in you

We believe in your talent and potential, and will finance your tuition and living expenses without requiring any collateral or a co-signer


We give you the freedom to follow your passion

When you graduate, you will pay back a percentage of your salary only when you are employed. You will have complete freedom in deciding your career path without the burden of debt.


How much funding do you need?

Personalize the rate for you

Through our financing, you will pay back a fixed percentage of your salary for a fixed time duration only when you are employed.

We understand your struggles because we lived them.

Co-founder and COO
Ex McKinsey

I am building Edbridg because I personally experienced the pain of financing my studies as an international student. My dream was to attend Duke University. I worked really hard to get an admission, however all I was denied financing by every bank I applied to!

Co-founder and CEO
Ex Investment banker

My dream was to pursue an M&A career. Having graduated during the economic crisis, it took almost a year to find my dream job. I felt the burden of having a student loan: my bank did not care that I was employed or not, they only cared about getting paid.

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In this case, you would pay back


of your salary during
10 years