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Our income share agreements (ISAs) are more flexible than traditional student loans. After you graduate, you pay back a percentage of your income for a fixed period of time only when you are employed.

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It’s more flexible than a loan, you pay back only when you get a job.

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What is

An Income Share Agreement?

It is a contract between an investor (Edbridg) and a student, where the student gets his/her education financed and pays no upfront tuition fees in exchange of paying back a fixed percentage of his/her future revenues for a fixed number of years.

Why Edbridg?

Edbridg’s ISA is more


You only payback once you have a job. If you stop earning at any point in time, you stop paying back.


You will always pay back the same fixed percentage of your revenue, regardless of the variations in salary.


It’s capped: if you become extremely successful and earn very well, you will never pay back more than 3x the original amount you borrowed.